Monday, June 4, 2012

Whoa, it's been too long!

Whoa, it's been too long! I'm going to make an attempt to blog more. For this one, I'll make it short and sweet :) Here's some of my latest favorite layouts I have made in the past couple of weeks.


Out of this World Collection by Trixie Scraps
Kit , Gradient Papers, and  Embossed Cardstock

This kit is seriously on my top 5 of Trixie's kits! I love the themed elements and yet, you can still use these for the generic boy layouts! I always loved this photo of Angel, and when I saw the kit I knew what photo I wanted to use.

Blue Skies Ahead Kit and Journaling Cards by Trixie Scraps
Another one of my favorite of Trixie's kits! This is why I love being on her team and why I have been stalking the forums 3 times a day for any extra sneak I can get to what's to come. For Angel's second birthday, we took him to Sesame Place, as our tradition and I captured these great moments on Big Bird's Balloon Race. He loved the ride and his facial expressions were too priceless!

Collab by Connie Prince & Trixie Scraps Make a Difference 

This layout has an extra special meaning to it. It all came together so perfectly with the help of  The Big Picture Vol 1 Template Pack by Connie Prince (previously in April 2012 Templatetopia). Whenever I look at it, it reminds me to keep my dream strong and my entreprenurial spirit is renewed. If you want a closer look at the journaling, you can always follow the link. 

Boy Blvd by Bella Gypsy
Template by Jeanye Labaya

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for great boy kits. The duo known as Bella Gypsy did not disappoint me with this one! I love the mix of colors, the patterned papers and cute travel inspired elements. My toddler loves his trains, trucks and cars so I knew I could use it time and time again! I choose to use a template with a large photo slot because I love these photos. I really got down to floor level to capture a new perspective of Angel's "play" time. 

Siblings are Forever Kit and Cardstock by Trixie Scraps

Carina always wanted a little brother and she has taken Angel on as her own little brother. The relationship they have is priceless! This is kit is perfect for scrapping those sibling or nearly sibling photos, but it is also very versatile.

Credits: New collection by Bella Gypsy called Wild One!

I love this old photo of me! I knew that I wanted to scrap it as soon as I saw what Bella Gypsy had been releasing. The duo made another great, colorful kit full of great patterned papers and unique elements.

Another old photo of me, this one is when I was three years old. This kit by Trixie is so elegant, and perfect for scrapping any of your princess photos. I love the beautiful flowers and shimmery fairies, glitter, and of course the golden princess crown.

That's all for today! I will be attempting to blog more of my layouts and hybrid projects in the future. Thanks for looking! 


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