Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Father..

In honor of Father's Day and how much I love seeing my two favorite people together, I created this layout for Trixie Scraps Design Blog's 6/23 Thursday Challenge.

It was a great template to work with and I love the way it turned out! It also showcases Word Art World by Jennifer's new Fathers Word Art Pack. I love the quote really, and it speaks to me because I love seeing Rafael being so loving with Angel.

You can head over to my Gallery to leave me some love or comment here :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 23 layout

This month's daily download kit at Gotta Pixel is really cute. I love the bright summer colors and elements. You can download a piece each day through the Gotta Pixel store here:

Since I am a Pixel Club member, I was able to download the entire month's kit on June 1st.

Anyway, last week was a blast. Angel and I, along with MomMom went to Sesame Place last Wednesday when it was burning hot. It was such a perfect day to go. Angel loved Count's Splash Castle and Big Bird's Rambling River the most.

Here's this week's layout:

I will be busy this week making Carina's birthday gift and scrapping all of the photos from their trip to Disney!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love Catalinas! Here's why:

Read on, I got massive savings using catalinas.. this week's shopping trip included:

1st transaction:
Turkey Hill Iced Tea
Original Price: 2.19
Sale Price: 1.66
Coupon: $1/2
Final Price: 1.16
% off: 48%

1 Huggies Wipes tub 64 ct
Original Price: 3.54
Sale Price: 2.44
Coupon: .35/1 doubled .70/1
Final Price: 1.74
% off: 51%

2 Ken's 9 oz salad dressing
Original Price: 2.34
Sale Price: .99
Coupon $1/1
Final Price: FREE
% off: 100%

4 Reach Kids Toothbrush (Batman)
Original Price: 2.99
Sale Price: 1.29
Coupon: $1/1
Final Price: .29
PLUS: $2 CATALINA printed out (was supposed to be $4 catalina printed but I wasn't trying to be greedy and I just accepted my free toothbrushes :)
(when you buy 4) making them FREE with $.84 overage
% off: 100%

2 Pampers Cruisers Jumbo Pack
Original Price: 11.59
Sale Price: 8.99
Coupon: 1.50/1
Final Price:7.49
PLUS: $5 CATALINA printed out for my next pampers diapers purchase
%off: 35%

2nd transaction:
1 Pampers Cruisers Jumbo Pack
Original Price: 11.59
Sale Price: 8.99
Coupon: $5 (catalina from first transaction)
Final Price: 3.99
PLUS: $2 CATALINA printed out my next pampers purchase

4 Reach Kids Toothbrush (Batman)
Original Price: 2.99
Sale Price: 1.29
Coupon: $1/1
Final Price: .29
PLUS: $4 CATALINA printed out
(when you buy 4) making them FREE with $2.84 overage
% off: 100%

I love catalinas!! Combined with sales and coupons, the savings is amazing :)

Re-do Week 14 Daddy's Shoes

I was too excited to find Trixie Scrap's kit called Just Like Dad, I just had to purchase it! The first layout I knew I wanted to do was a re-do of one of my previous layouts for Project 52.

In my original layout, I was rushed for time and I wasn't enjoying the template that I was working with. Now, looking back, I also didn't like the font I chose for the title. Anyway, here's the original -

I like the design, the clusters and colors better this time around. Hope you do too! Here's my second take:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Layout - Summer Love

I am a little behind for last week's layout.. but here it is. I took this picture in my grandmother's front yard. I love seeing butterflies in the summer time. I managed to get this great photo, I guess I am lucky to get so close.. she flew off as soon as I snapped though.

I used a freebie kit that I came across last summer, it's called Hot Summer Kisses, by Artgal Style. I was attracted to the bright colors and artsy feel! It also included wordart with artistic smears which I'm really loving!!

Week 22 (May 22-28) - Summer Love

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Word Art Pack: Bundle of Joy

As part of the CT Team for Word Art World by Jennifer, I'm very excited to see this word art pack be released!!It's perfect for all those baby layouts you plan to make :)

Here's the layouts I have created.. I have had these photos of Angel but didn't quite know what to do with them so this word art pack gave me the right amount of inspiration to scrap them!

Cute as a button
Kit - Play Days by Crisdam Designs

Baby Face
Kit - Brain Freeze by Connie Prince
Background Paper - April 2011 Pixel Club Exclusive (paper by Dani Moy)
Photo Border - May Flowers Blog Train (border by LorieM)

You Are So Very Special to Me
Kit - Being a Mom by Connie Prince
Template - Nature's Way Templistic by A+ Designs (altered)

You can also find my gallery to view my other layouts at Gottapixel here:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoprite Savings

My Shopping Trip today using coupons!

1 Multigrain Cheerios:
Original Price - $3.69
Sale Price - 2.49
Coupon - $.75/1 doubled to 1.50
Final Price - .99

2 Nexcare bandages:
Original Price - 2.49
Sale Price - .99
Coupon - $1/2
Final Price - .49

2 V8 Fusion Juice:
Original Price - 3.49
Sale Price - 2.99
Coupon - $1/2
Final Price - 2.49

2 V8 Fusion Juice w/ tea
Original Price - 3.49
Sale Price - 2.50
Coupon - $1/1
Final Price - 1.50

PLUS: $3 catalina printed off my next order for purchasing 4 v8 juices

1 Lipton Tea to Go Stix
Original Price - 3.19
Sale Price - 2.69
Coupon - .40/1 doubled to .80/1
Final Price - 1.89

1 Luigi's Real Italian Ice
Original Price - 2.99
Sale Price - 1.99
Coupon - .50/1 doubled to $1
Final Price - .99

1 Reynold's 100% Recycled Foil Wrap
Original Price - 2.99
Sale Price - 1.99
Coupon - $1/1
Final Price - .99

2 Resolve Satin Remover Pre-treatment
Original Price - 2.99
Sale Price - 1.79
Coupon - .50// doubled to $1/1
Final Price - .79

With my other groceries my total bill was 23.96. Savings of 33.14 or 58%! Yay me :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Starting up again..

Yes, I have finally decided to pursue blogging again.Mostly for my digi friends and family and those across state or national borders I feel obliged to share my current happenings and feelings. So.. here we go again :)

I've been distancing myself away from facebook.. I can't seem to really put a finger on why.. maybe I feel it hasn't been living up to my expectations and there seems to be too people I really could care less whether they read or respond to my personal status updates.. and yet they don't seem to care either anyway... sorry I've been this way since day one of joining but if we weren't close in the past or close now.. I don't add you (with exception of a few genuinely nice people)

Anyway, I also wanted to share with you my latest digi layout.

Based on a prayer I made, this is scrapped for me to always remember my newly found peace. It never seems to amaze me what God has done in my life.. Bruised or Broken, He always picks up the pieces and lifts me up again! Feeling peaceful, I wrote this prayer:

"Like the calm after the storm..i am at peace with the way things are right now. I know You will provide for me.. You always have. God, thank you for continuing to teach me grace and patience and forgiving me for those moments where I do not display either of those words. I know I can be all You made me for. As Gungor so beautifully sings,"I thought I had seen the end, everything broken but You were there. Always faithful.Always Good. You still have me, You still have my heart. You have me, You have my heart completely."

Shortly after posting to Gotta Pixel, I was amazed and honored with a GSO and wonderful comments from my digi friends! I am truly happy to share this with anyone and everyone willing to read or listen.