Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dare to Be Super!!

Angel's party was a success! He loved playing superhero with his custom cape, mask and "Archangel" emblem that we made for him! One of the photos from the party was just too perfect that I needed to scrap it. Dare to Be was such a perfect kit to use too. I hope you like it! 

Dare to Be Super,
 using Dare to Be by Bella Gypsy and Melting Pot template by Little Green Frog Designs

Secondly, I scrapped the photos from our trip to the zoo a few weeks ago. We took Carina along with us for the day and she and Angel just loved it. In Bird Valley, there were little mice running around, hiding when anyone got close. The both of them got down to see them run back and forth. They also loved following the peacock around, but when it got too close, they'd giggle and run away. 

Seek Adventure,
using Yet To Be by Bella Gypsy Designs and Rainbow Love Affair Templates by Little Green Frog Designs

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